Start of the Fall Semester – A message to students

Dear Stormy Petrels, 

Welcome back for another year at Oglethorpe University and welcome to the class of 2026. I’m thrilled to have everyone on campus and I hope you are as excited about the year ahead as I am. 

The entire Oglethorpe community is dedicated to your success—both inside and outside the classroom. It’s part of what makes Oglethorpe so special, and we’re all eager to witness what you will accomplish this year.

We are working to create a campus community where everyone can thrive. This year we’re introducing mentoring programs for new and returning students. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources, as well as the numerous other opportunities available on campus. Get involved with one of our many student clubs and organizations, consider attending lectures outside the classroom and enjoy the many events, performances, and games scheduled throughout the year.  

Remember that there are people across campus who are here to support you. Watch out for one another, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need support yourself. Seek out moments of joy, and be sure to find time to have fun. 

This year promises to be an exciting one, and I look forward to seeing you out and about on campus. 


Nick Ladany, Ph.D.
President, Oglethorpe University